Our Youth Athlete Camps develop athleticism, sport skills & confidence through exceptional coaching!

  • Strength, speed & agility

  • Skills, drills and targeted sport weeks

  • Professional coaching

  • Competition and fun all summer

  • Pick one week or many



9 different weeks of summer!

*No athletic experience required*


  • Small group coaching by age range and skill level

  • Professional coaching by our highly-qualified Youth Coaches & Sport Specialists

  • Athletic performance training plus a focus each week for sport-specific skill development

  • Athletes will also learn what it means to be a Total Athlete - from nutrition and hydration, champion mindset, recovery, sleep, Athlete IQ, etc.

  • Organized schedule

Early Bird Rate before May 31: $249

Regular Rate after May 31: $329


JUNE 5 - 8


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • Track & Field events including Sprints, Long Jump, High Jump, Hurdles

JUNE 12 - 15


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • Increase Vertical

  • Basketball Skill Development

JUNE 19 - 22


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • Football Skill Development for all skill positions - catching, agility drills, quickness, change of direction,

  • Combine events

JUNE 26 - 29


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • An epic week of fun games & competition like Obstacle Courses, Tug-O-War, Races, Capture the Flag, Nerf battles, Spartan Challenges, Water Balloons & More!

JULY 10 - 13


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • Quickness & Reaction Time

  • Boxing Skill Development with 17x National Champion Coach Joel Iriarte

JULY 17 - 20


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • Fielding and catching

  • Hitting and pitching

  • Sprint and base running technique, rotational power production

  • Mobility

JULY 24 - 27


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • Soccer Skill Development for receiving, controlling, passing and shooting

  • Change of direction and quickness

JULY 31 - AUG 3


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • An epic week of fun games & competition like Obstacle Courses, Tug-O-War, Races, Capture the Flag, Nerf battles, Spartan Challenges, Water Balloons & More!

AUGUST 7 - 10


  • Strength & Power

  • Speed & Agility

  • Sprint Mechanics

  • Quickness and reaction time

  • Acceleration & deceleration

  • Change of direction, lateral speed, top end speed, game speed

JUNE 5 - 8


A3 Summer Camps are an amazing opportunity to develop sport skills AND train like a pro athlete to be better, faster & stronger!

Space is limited each week.

Choose your week(s) and sign up now!

A3 Summer Camps are an amazing opportunity to develop sport skills AND train like a pro athlete to be better, faster & stronger!

Your athlete should attend an A3 Camp because they'll...

  • get coached by professionals who care
  • accelerate their skills and develop total athleticism
  • get the reps in without the pressure of playing time
  • gain CONFIDENCE!

(If you or your athlete don't love it and get results, you're protected by the A3 Guarantee!)


What age is the Camp for, and what if my child is outside those age limits?

Our weekly Youth Camps are for ages 7 to 12! If your athlete/child is 6 or 13 and you think they'd do well, let's talk! (6-year olds must be able to keep up with the pace and be coachable and good listeners.) Youth who are 13 and have not participated in a lot of athletics can also do well in our weekly summer camp format! We do have a 4-Week Speed Camp for athletes who want to get faster and more explosive, and that is for athletes who are 12 (7th grade) and up. It's a more intensive camp for competitive athletes.

Who are your Coaches?

We have a team of 18 Coaches who have collectively spent over 70 years and more than 20,000 hours coaching athletes in the last 10 years! All of our Coaches pass a comprehensive Background Check and many of our team members are teachers or substitute teachers by day. We have certified Strength, Speed, and Youth Specialists as well as Sport Specialists. Most have a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology (and four have Master's Degrees in Kinesiology) and were collegiate athletes. All of the sport weeks over the summer were chosen because we have expert coaches in those specific areas to help enhance your athlete's skill and athleticism, and make sure they get professional and positive coaching throughout the camp to help them develop and build confidence. You can learn more about each Coach at www.a3sportsperformance.com.

Should I drop my child off or plan to stay?

Whatever you're comfortable with! You are more than welcome to wait in our lobby and watch your athlete in the Camp, and you can also feel confident that if you drop them off, you can return at pick-up time and expect a happy kid who's ready to come back again for more fun!

How does the early bird rate work?

There are three rate phases. The best rate will be before April 30. You can purchase as many camp (or sibling) weeks as you'd like for the rate of $249. After that, the rate will be $289 through May 31. In June, we will no longer offer any early rate and the regular rate will be $329 for all Camps. Sign up early!

Do your Camps sell out?

Yes! Our Camps do sell out! Even though we have the space, we do NOT pack in 80 kids in one Camp. We like to maintain appropriate coach to athlete ratios so that the kids get the best experience, coaching time, and results. Therefore, our Camp spots are limited and will sell out. The only way to secure your spot is to purchase the week.

I'm having trouble deciding which week is best for my kid(s).

We get it! Maybe your rookie athlete loves soccer but has also shown some success with baseball and you want him to develop more of the fundamentals?! Or maybe one wants to do a sport week and one is begging to do the Epic Fun & Games Week (a super popular choice!). The best rate is going to be before the end of April with the early bird rate so if it works for your budget, we know you won't regret doing both! 70% of our Camp attendees end up registering for additional weeks!! But our Coaches are also happy to give you all the details you need to make the best decision for what you athlete needs most right now, and you can always book a free Game Plan session at www.a3sportsperformance.com/free-intro. We are here to help!

How do I sign up for multiple weeks?

Choose your first week above and "Click to Sign Up". That'll take you to the Wodify site where you'll complete your purchase. After you create an account you can log back in and add additional weeks for your athlete(s). Or even simpler - let us do it for you! It's easy to add additional weeks on for your athlete or siblings after you've registered for one camp on our end, so just hit reply on our text help line (you'll already have a message from us by then), and we'll get you all set!

Where are you located?

We're located at 5203 Young St., just west of Gosford Village. Our premier Performance Center offers 13,000 sq. ft. inside, 23,000 sq. ft. outside, and includes 20 Strength / Weightlifting Racks, Turf, a Beynon Sprint Track indoors, 80 meter Beynon Track outdoors, Long Jump pit, High Jump pit, Pole Vault pit, Baseball/Softball Tunnel, and covered Basketball Court, in addition to the Recovery Lounge and semi-private Studio for adult fitness upstairs. We've got an Athlete's Playground - join us!

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