Players develop a strong foundation of technical skills through exceptional coaching while having fun!


  • Technical coaching for fundamental skill development
  • Positive and professional coaching builds big confidence
  • Fun games and teamwork fosters a love of the game
  • Targeted performance training for athleticism (coordination, agility, reaction time, strength, etc.)

Designed for emerging and intermediate players ages 8 to 11

Our Skills Groups offer development with a professional coach through a variety of dribbling, passing, and defensive exercises plus small-sided games on our indoor futsal court.

Training in a small sided environment allows more touches on the ball for stronger body-brain connections and confidence!

Performance training in every session improves players' coordination, agility, strength, and athleticism.

Soccer is one of the BEST early sports for athletes because it develops coordination, agility, brain-body connections and overall ATHLETICISM.

Space is very limited!

5203 Young St., Bakersfield, CA

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