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The college recruiting process is overwhelming. Where do you start?! How do you stand out? What really works?

We help you understand how to be a more recruitable athlete so you don't miss out on big opportunities for your future as a college athlete.



Athletes and parents will understand:

  • What you need to do NOW to increase your opportunities to be recruited.

  • 3 things you can do to stand out above the competition.

  • A step-by-step process to know exactly where to start.

The window of time and opportunity is short. You deserve to have clarity and confidence through the college recruiting process.

re·cruit·able ath·lete

/rɪˈkrut ā′bəl) / /ˈaTHˌlēt /


Being a recruitable athlete means you have superior physical skills (strength, speed, agility, power, endurance), exceptional mental skills (decisive, competitive, resilient) and strong academic standing that make you an investable resource.

In the last 9 years, we've helped hundreds of athletes make it to the college level. They are consistently better prepared and more confident than their teammates.

Your path to the top 7% starts here.


A3 Total Athlete

Bella Salazar

GFU Soccer

Bella showed up consistently and put in the work to build a strong and explosive foundation. She began her collegiate career at George Fox Univ. in 2021 and was a dominant force on the team starting right away and having huge success.

A3 Total Athlete

Shon Stephens

West Liberty Football

Shon played football at the JuCo level and trained hard and consistently throughout the pandemic. He did a lot of skill work in addition to strength, power and speed training, and was recruited to Penn State Football in 2021 and then transferred to West Liberty where he currently leads the NCAA in interceptions.

A3 Total Athlete

Elise Ferreira

U. of Oregon Volleyball

Elise trained hard year-round and often at 6AM before school. She stayed dedicated to her dream of playing for Oregon and balanced performance training, recovery, practices, and being a student-athlete. She left in January of her senior year of high school to begin playing for Oregon!

Get the clarity and confidence you need so your athlete doesn't miss out on an opportunity at the college level.

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