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A professional speed program with expert coaching & athletic development for youth ages 8 to 12!

SPEED gives athletes the competitive advantage at any age and sport.

But just doing ladder drills won't cut it!

SPEED gives athletes the competitive advantage at any age and any sport. But just doing ladder drills won't cut it!

Our program coaches youth athletes in the fundamentals and advanced techniques for speed, agility, and power to help them develop and maximize their potential.

In our Youth Speed Camp, athletes are coached in the fundamentals and advanced techniques for speed, agility, and power to help them develop and unlock their full potential.


  • Sprint mechanics

  • Change of direction

  • Lateral speed, top end speed, game speed

  • Force production & absorption

  • Coordination

  • Rhythm & reaction time

  • Starts


  • This Camp is for youth ages 8 - 12 separated

  • Two levels ensure athletes get developed and challenged

  • Professional coaching

  • Athletic performance

  • A complete speed program to develop faster and more explosive athletes

  • Games & competition to apply the skills and drills (while having fun)


March 26-28, 2024



A3's premier training facility at 5203 Young St.

Spring Break Camp 2024 Rate

Early Bird Camp Rate: $179 (before March 1)

Camp Rate: $229

  • High caliber coaching

  • Fun competition

  • Professional program

  • Positive atmosphere

  • Elite training facility

Your child should join us for our Youth Athlete Speed Camp because..

... they'll be coached by professionals who care

... they'll develop new skills to accelerate their performance

... they'll love training like a pro athlete

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Early Bird rates ends February 28

This Camp is protected by the A3 Guarantee. We promise your youth athlete will have an amazing experience or your money back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Camp co-ed?

Yes, this camp is co-ed!

What kind of a Speed program is offered?

Our comprehensive Speed program offers a balance of what athletes need most at this developmental stage (like the foundations of speed, strength and power, plus a focus on balance and coordination). They'll begin to learn proper sprint mechanics, how to activate certain muscles for better results, what to do to prevent bad habits, and be coached through drills to apply what they've learned. Speed is not one dimensional, and a good program includes sprint mechanics, force absorption and production, agility and COD, reaction time, and other essentials of athletic performance training.

Will my athlete be challenged in this Camp? (Or able to keep up?)

Yes! We have coaches for multiple levels across the camp group because it's what's best for kids! The Camp is for ages 8 to 12 so generally the age splits will be 8 to 10 and 10 to 12. We make sure that athletes get challenged to get results but also that they walk away with more confidence!

Where are you located?

Our premier athletic training facility is in Southwest Bakersfield just west of Gosford Village and Sam's Club at 5203 Young Street.

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Who are your Coaches?

We have an incredible team of coaches who specialize in speed, strength and conditioning, powerlifting, track & field, and more. Over half of our coaches have a degree in Kinesiology (and half of those have Master's degrees!). They are also certified in their specialities or Certified Personal Trainers and have a wealth of experience training athletes of all levels (as well as being athletes themselves). Learn more at

If we can't make this Camp, do you have other training options?

Absolutely! Our programs are age-based with separate coaches and separate specialities (because that's what's best for kids!). Our Rookie program begins at age 7 and then rookies can advance to higher levels and eventually achieve the ranks of our Jr. High Weightlifting & Speed program and beyond to our Academy program where we also focus on mindset, recovery, college recruiting, academic success and more. Book a free Game Plan session at to sit down with a coach and learn more if you're interested!

When does the early bird rate end?

The final day to secure the early bird rate is February 28!

What are the days and times again?

The Camp begins over Spring Break starting on Tuesday, March 26th-28th. The Youth Speed Camp is on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9am to 12pm.

What if I have more questions?

The best option is to book a free Game Plan session to sit down with a Coach and see what the best program is for your child/athlete! Book that at You can also text or call us directly at 661.465.3771.

5203 Young St. Bakersfield, CA 93311