Players develop a strong foundation of soccer skills, athleticism & confidence through exceptional coaching!



Saturday sessions

8:30 - 9:30am for Beginner-Emerging Level players
9:40 - 10:40am for Intermediate Level players


  • Develop fundamental soccer skills and technique

  • Positive and professional coaching

  • Targeted performance training for athleticism (coordination, agility, strength, speed)

  • Develop big confidence

  • Short-sided play builds skills AND a love of the game

Designed for emerging and intermediate players ages 8 to 12

Master the fundamentals of trapping, dribbling, passing, shooting & more!

Train in a small sided environment for more touches on the ball and develop game strategy & skills!

Performance training improves players' coordination, agility, strength, and athleticism.

The best players train to be the best ATHLETES!

Soccer is one of the BEST early sports for athletes!

Join our Soccer Skills + Performance Program for better...

  • soccer skills

  • athleticism

  • confidence

Space is very limited!

The next 8-week training cycle begins April 27!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child need to be?

Generally, the best fit will be players who are ages 8 to 11. If your athlete doesn't fall in that age range, don't hesitate to ask us about other program level or options!

How do I know if my child is a good fit for this program?

This program is for kids who have played at least one season in any recreational league because it's important that they understand the basic concepts of the game. We have two levels - one for Emerging players and one for Intermediate players. If your child has played at least one season with any team, or you have a Club player who wants more essential ball skills and confidence, one of our program levels will be a great fit! If in doubt, we strongly encourage you to schedule a free Game Plan session to sit down with a coach and make the best path forward for your athlete. You can book that at

Is this a co-ed program?

Yes, both male and female athletes are invited to join us in this coaching program!

Where are you located?

Our premier athletic training and coaching facility is located in Southwest Bakersfield just west of Gosford Village at 5203 Young Street.

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What if I have more questions?

We strongly encourage you to book a Game Plan session at so you can meet with a Coach and get all your questions answered! We're here to help! You can also text our client care line at 661.465.3771.

What's the cost of this program?

This program offers a small group, custom program with 60-minute coaching sessions for a rate of $150 every 4 weeks. Your athletes will be coached throughout the session by a highly qualified coach (soccer and performance coaching expertise) and we promise a positive experience that helps your child become a better soccer player and a better athlete with more confidence!

5203 Young St., Bakersfield, CA

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